Prompt! “Perfect day.”

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AU Jane and Maura watch the Olympics ceremony

A six-pack of cold beer, her Ma’s cannolis, a bowl of popcorn, Maura’s HD tv and no Tommy or Frankie in sight. It was the perfect day. Nothing could ruin the opening ceremony. Nothing.

"Did you know that JK Rowling has no middle name? Her publisher demanded that she used two initials, so she cho—"

Nothing but Maura spouting facts about everything.

"This year four independent athletes will participate. It’s only the third time—"

"Oh my God, Maura!" Jane groaned, throwing a handful of popcorn at Maura. "I want to see Mr. Bean, please!"

"I don’t see why you have to be so rude," Maura murmured, a slight pout already making its way to her lips. "It’s an international even and I thought… I’m sorry, I’ll quiet," she whispered.

Well, now Jane felt like shit. “I’m sorry, Maur,” she said, passing a hand through Maura’s hair, grabbing all the popcorn that had stuck to her hair. “You know I love your facts and trivia.”

"It’s okay, really," Maura said, smiling a little.

Jane sighed, not at all convinced. “Hey, do they really use medal made out of gold?”

Maura smiled and shook her head. “Jane…”

"I read they did! Is that true?" Jane asked, baiting her eyelashes.

Maura laughed. Jane could be so cute when she wanted. “Actually, the last Olympic medals made out of gold were last awarded—-“

Jane smiled, watching her friend talk. Yes, it was the perfect day.